Artist Statement



Psychogeography is the early development of my work. My understanding of psychogeography in a mental stage is about the fragmentary memory. I am mainly focused on “Screen Memory” and “Unconscious” by Sigmund Freud. “Screen Memory” is the Freudian term for a recollection that masks deeper, psychologically significant memories. According to Freud's theory, memories overlay and obscure each other. His essay on screen memory began with a puzzle about beginnings. "People often deal with fragments of memories that have stayed with these individual patients from their earliest childhood years. The quality of collage and the process of making collage refers the unconsciousness. “Screen memories do not emerge into consciousness at the time of recall.”- Sigmund Freud, (1899).

I was looking at Art Term- Photomontage and collage at the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of the Modern art. In addition to my collage works, I focus on a surface of the drawing. It might be certain respects it seems quite unlike any other image you have seen, but it is nevertheless in some indefinable way quite like something or other you have seen in my work. Drawings also contain a sense of narrative that is absent from earlier works, which focused solely on the forms, composition, placing them against a sketchy or undefined background. The object I made. I consider myself an explorer by looking at the possibilities of the material like string, clay or found object. And making the response to the material. 

The initial idea was about painting with the unconscious mind. But also connect to my memory and the happening things. My painting is often associate with my collage and photographs I took. Also, the observation of the environment around me. Although my painting appears to be abstract. I do make careful considerations about the position and the figuration. I do allow the unconscious action appears in my painting. At the same time, I apply the forms consciously. The study of memory and unconscious mind has helped me to develop my studio practice. The drawing series is the recollection of the collage I made. It focuses on the experience of reinterpretation about the made collage. The pencil marks which is not the conscious decision and the patterns on paper is like the message of losing information.

My current research aims to closely study cultural memory in the digital age. In studying the mind and perception, I use different forms of photography and painting to explore cultural memory. In China, I have seen my surroundings evolve drastically through fast-paced technological growth. I would like to explore the relationships between individuals and their surroundings. My cultural background strongly impacts my artistic practice. I have been studying abroad since 2011. Travelling between China and England has allowed me to consider the meaning of cultural memory and to discover differences between cultures. In my theoretical research, I use psychoanalysis to obtain a better understanding of the human mind. Psychoanalysis deals with human observation and our analysis of images and objects. I hope to connect this project with my background in painting and my cultural circumstances.