Drawing · 27. May 2020
My homesickness was a small stamp, To mail to my mother far away, From which I stay.
Drawing · 31. March 2020
The Gulangyu, Gulang Island or Kulangsu is a pedestrian-only island off the coast of Xiamen, Fujian Province in southeastern China. A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the island is about 2 km² in area, and is reached by an 8-minute ferry ride from downtown Xiamen. (中英无关: 对于我来说家乡是很清晰又模糊的概念,我看着老照片的时候有种陌生又熟悉的感觉,所以我才开始做这个Project,希望通过复制或传作的方式来表达我对家乡的感觉,所以这个系列的作品关键词有: 回忆,时间,过去,将来,未知,探索。正如你所看到的那样,这些作品都是平平无奇的,甚至没有什么技术性可言,这些画只是日常生活里每天花一点点时间画的,很重复,或许乏味,但对我来说很有趣的事情,Nothing Special)
Drawing · 10. April 2018
The large scale colour pencil drawing was the works I present for my BA Fine art degree show. At that moment I was being emotional and anxiety. Drawing is a way for me to reduce my anxiety by using the repeating hand gestures and divert my attention. Coulour pencil is a comment tool for children to make sketch and marks. From my childhood memory i remember mark making was the most joyful thing. I suppose drawing as a therapy can works for me.