乡愁  Nostalgia
余光中  Guangzhong Yu
小时候  When I was young,
乡愁是一枚小小的邮票  Nostalgia was a tiny, tiny stamp,
我在这头  I am on this side,
母亲在那头  Mother on the other side.

  长大后  When I grew up,
乡愁是一张窄窄的船票  Nostalgia was a narrow boat ticket,
我在这头  I am on this side,
新娘在那头  Bride on the other side.

  后来啊  But later on,
乡愁是一方矮矮的坟墓  Nostalgia was a lowly grave,
我在外头  I am in the outside,
母亲在里头  Mother on the inside.

  而现在  But now,
乡愁是一湾浅浅的海峡  Nostalgia becomes a shallow strait,
我在这头  I am on this side,
大陆在那头  Mainland on the other side.