Cam CRAG Home Art Exhibition



Psychogeography is the early development of my work. My understanding of psychogeography in a mental stage is about the fragmentary memory. The word Home seems to be abstract for me, because I have been travel between China and London for 7 years since year 2011until present days. My initial home where I have been brought up has been destroyed by urban construction last year. At that time I started to think about the meaning of home. What makes me feels home and what is home means to me. After my home in China has been destroyed i keep dreaming about the old place where i grow up. In year 2011 I started my Fine Art course in UK. In my memory England is my second home. These two pieces of work is based on  the furniture photo I took from China and England. I am trying to present the complicated feeling by using the chaotic ink marks. Although sometimes I feel losing the connection between myself and home. I want to deliver the positive attitude to people and myself through the artwork by saying feel at home wherever one goes.






The image i found from google of housing demolition in China.  The last time I visit my old home was like that. At times it seems as if China is one colossal construction site. The old is being replaced with the new, the new replaced with the newer, in a perpetual cycle of destruction and creation.