Join forces and explore how making and politics intertwine over a week of events

Art is necessarily caught up in contemporary politics in many complex ways. Come Together invites you to join forces, to ‘come together’ and consider how we might reflect on and tackle our current state of affairs.

Artists have always responded to the political climate in which they exist. Art can critique, reflect, support or challenge the powers that be. The experimental approaches that many artists deploy are to challenging established systems of authority. But in today’s volatile political landscape, the role of the artist is an increasingly dangerous one. Across the world, artists have been arrested as a result of the political nature of their creative output – Pussy Riot, Ai Weiwei and Tania Bruguera to name a few. In the UK, visas for international artists are becoming more and more difficult to secure. In schools, politics is challenging our creative faculties from the inside out, favouring STEM subjects over art and design.

Join students and staff from the Art Programme at Central Saint Martins for a series of events in three zones: talking together, making together and playing together. These will include practical workshops, lectures, reading groups, film screenings and performances among others. Join in a wide range of practical activities which explore the many ways in which making and politics might intertwine.

About Central Saint Martins


Central Saint Martins is an arts and design college and part of University of the Arts London. The College’s alumni include artists and designers who have challenged and shaped the world around us.




Website:  https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/tate-exchange/workshop/come-together

Tate Exchange-Knock The Wall


Tate Exchange in London is the fifth floor of the Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern. Every day is different and everything is free. Our Associates and colleagues from across Tate create a packed programme of artists, responses, workshops, talks and events, where you can join the conversation and collaborate in art making – anything from building a boat, a dance class, painting a mural, or sitting down and having a chat with the person next to you over a cup of tea. This year we're exploring the theme of 'Movement'.

The project ‘Throw a grain on the wall’ comes from the metaphoric phrase, which reects upon various political and philosophical connotation in various ways. The literal apprehension can be transcribed in the rising against the strong force, hitting the hedge and expressing individual action.
The project will consist of multimedia installation and conducted in two phases. the main ‘aim’ will be plain, large wooden board acting as a wall. The oor in front will be covered with the blanket, there will be baskets full of grain, which audience will use as a material to through it on the wall. Additionally, there will be a projection of silent moving image on the board and microphone will be attached, for accelerating the noise, when the grain is thrown it create background track for the installation. The video will include the elements of street art, political grati and yers from different cultural background. 

The simple act of throwing the crop on the wall, besides having a literal relation to the conceptual framework is the basic group activity, which is applicable to every group. It somehow can be seen as the ritualistic, as well as very contemporary action, in the gallery setting. 
The final process like ‘harvesting’ the grains will take part at the end of the ‘show’.