Déjà Vu

Dongyan Chen and Huiping Yang are concerned with the central theme of dreams and unconsciousness and their works show the influence of Sigmund Freud in different forms and mediums.

Dongyan Chen graduated from Central Saint Martins with BA(Hons) Fine Art degree. Her works are primarily concerned with the realm of the unconsciousness and dreams, as well as the different processes to discover and articulate the hidden messages embedded in them. Through such practice, she delves deeply into her mind with the least possible control exercised by reason to get closer to her true self.

Dongyan is interested in how texts, images and sounds work together in montages as a process of remaking and reconstructing our memory, approximating the way our dreams work. She engages with her own fragmented memories and creates new narratives from them—a process led by her instincts, exempt from logical reasoning, ostensible ideologies, or moral concerns. Her videos aim to create an experience that can lead the audience into a dream-like world to provoke self-revelation.

Huiping Yang graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts with a BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting degree.  She focuses on the Debordian notion of psychogeography combined with theory from Sigmund Freud on “Screen Memory” (1899) and “The Unconscious” (1915). Her work is developed from photomontage and collage as a visual representation of fragmented memories. The quality of collage and the process of collaging is a reference to uninhibited unconscious processes.

“Screen Memory” is the Freudian term for a recollection that masks deeper, psychologically significant memories. “Screen memories do not emerge into consciousness at the time of recall.”- Sigmund Freud, (1899). According to Freud’s theory, memories overlay and obscure each other.  People often deal with fragments of memories that have remained with them since their earliest childhood years.

The study of memory and the unconscious mind has helped her to develop her studio practice. The drawing series is the recollection of the collage she made. It focuses on the experience of reinterpretation about the made collage. The pencil marks which is not the conscious decision and the patterns on paper is like the message of losing information. The elements are fading and floating.


Website page: https://www.freud.org.uk/event/deja-vu