My Ceramic Works


My work can be considered about painting with the unconscious mind. I make work start with the casual gesture or shifting the canvas while painting. With this approach to painting along with the inclusion of collage. My collage may sometimes include magazine, newspaper, string, paint, bits of colored or handmade papers, photographs, and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas. In the painting I isolated and refrigerated elements, to create suggestive collections of shape and forms. All these practices are a response to fragmented memories. From figuration to abstraction. From absence to intentional.




Transfer from painting to ceramic. I have been looking at contemporary painting. By looking at the surface. The details drawing on painting. The association is not just about the iconography of what it is but it’s how that relating to that form or how the ceramic has been made from a soft material. The process of slowly build up and layering up is just like painting process. Even the collage is related to the fragmentary clay attach to another clay. The idea of the ceramic is also the same as the idea of mixing the canvas together. I am interested in Patterns and Decoration Movement in American. Also, i was inspiring from Japanese Pattern and use the patterns approach her studio practice. Artist Batty Woodman found herself interested on Japanese Patterns as well and use the pattern as the part of her ceramic work (ICA exhibition2016).




The propose on my practice is to creates a dynamic push and pull between the addition and removal of paint. The brush strokes and brush mark evoke the process of the painting. This painting technique has been using for ceramic surface. The idea about patterns use in British tradition ceramic surface. There are association between ceramic and painting. Like the process of layering up the surface and the process of colouring the clay.