State of Mind and Awareness: Materiality

Thank you so much to OHOS Gallery and my  high school tutor Roxi. Thank you to my friend Qinghao Xie travel from Manchester to Reading for the private view <3. Thank you to Haomin and Carmen for the visit from London to Reading <3 <3 !!!


Exhibition information:

Elegant and interesting show by University of the Arts London student Huiping (Hebe) Yang and Reading University new graduate Ying Chi (Eva) Lam.  Eva's soft sculpture grew out of the walls and squeezed through a doorway, echoing her own imaginings of herself as an explorer and inventor.  She transforms everyday materials through sensitivity to their own intrinsic language, producing peculiar forms that provoke the imaginations of her viewers.  Hebe paints with the unconscious mind to create suggestive collections of shape and forms, moving from figuration to abstraction and from absence to intentional.